• MOLLE-Link - PALS Holster

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    Custom kydex turnaround time is 10 business days production time from the date of ordering. After the order is completed you will receive another email notification with the tracking information.

    Our MOLLE mount is unlike any other that has been brought to market yet. This gives you the option to carry a holster on gear with MOLLE/PALS webbing without having to worry about extra hardware that needs to be adjusted or maintained. This will work with Mil-spec spaced gear, which has 1" wide nylon webbing, with 1" spacing between the rows.
    The holster utilizes two rows of webbing for stability to ensure a tight hold on the vest, belt, etc. Full sized handguns such as the Glock 17 or 1911 will utilize all of this space, while sub-compact handguns like the Keltec PF9 or S&W Bodyguard will have some area below the mold which is "empty". Horizontally, the holster uses five columns of webbing. Installation and removal is easily performed with just a pair of pliers.
    Axios Multi-Fit:

    Our design for the Axios mold is based around common geometry for modern double-stack pistols. Below is the list of handguns that the Axios is compatible with so far, as we are constantly finding more models that are compatible:

    Canik - TP9SA/SF
    Glock - Every model excluding the 42 & 43
    S&W - Any M&P 9/40/357/45
    Springfield - Any XD, XD-M, or XD-S
    Ruger - SR9, SR40, SR45
    Sig Sauer - P220, P226, P228, P229
    Walther - PPQ, PPX
    FN - FNS, FNP, FNX
    Steyr - M, M-A1, S, and S-A1 Series