90's Jazz Holster

$74.99 $69.99

Emblazoned with the design of the Solo Jazz Cup, you can carry the torch of the 90's with you wherever you go. Available in both of our OWB and MOLLE mounted holster types. It doesn't get more radical.

Axios Multi-Fit:

Our design for the Axios mold is based around common geometry for modern double-stack pistols. Below is the list of handguns that the Axios is compatible with so far, as we are constantly finding more models that are compatible:

Canik - TP9SA/SF

Glock - Every model excluding the 42 & 43

S&W - Any M&P 9/40/357/45

Springfield - Any XD, XD-M, or XD-S

Ruger - SR9, SR40, SR45

Sig Sauer - P220, P226, P228, P229

Walther - PPQ, PPX


Steyr - M, M-A1, S, and S-A1 Series