• Affix - Mounted Holster

    $49.99 $44.99

    Custom kydex turnaround time is 15 business days production time from the date of ordering. After the order is completed you will receive another email notification with the tracking information.

    The Affix holster gives you the option of mounting a holster to any static surface where quick access to a pistol is needed. This will work for under a desk, behind a piece of furniture in the home, or in a vehicle. The bend can be ordered as a 45° Left, 90° Left, 90° Right, or 45° Right angle measured from the top of the slide. Please refer to the product pictures to confirm which is best for your application.

    This holster includes three self-tapping screws for mounting, and is easily installed using a cordless drill with a Phillips head bit. This item will be offered in black .080" kydex only for the time being. Follow all firearms safety rules, local/state laws and common sense while using this product.